Dr. Gene Dorio | The Debt of Gratitude We Owe

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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The recent front-page article concerning a report on a deadly shooting in Gorman reminds me of the first Newhall sheriff’s station officer killed in the line of duty, Deputy Arthur Pelino, in 1978. This was also in Gorman.

Left behind was his wife, Patricia, and six children. Over the years, sheriff’s deputies from this station cared for her and her children. One vivid memory was when she was ill and hospitalized, four deputies marched into the hospital in cadence, and presented her a bouquet of calla lilies, her favorite flower.

Law enforcement officers face particular dangers with the prevalence of guns and drugs in every community. Officers have a duty to serve, but also have families at home.

Please be prepared to support their efforts in this difficult task. Calla lilies are only a small part of gratitude we owe these brave individuals.

Dr. Gene Dorio

Santa Clarita

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