Rob Kerchner | The Left’s Nonsensical Mandates

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It’s only logical that left and right disagree on the pandemic. Leftism emphasizes feelings and intentions much more than results, so it doesn’t matter if masks don’t work and the vaccine doesn’t stop the outbreak. At least they’re “DOING something,” so they’re “GOOD people.”

Left and right also disagree about collectivism, which is why the left “sells” masks and vaccines as protection for OTHERS. Social conformity is modern proof that you’re a good person.

A third area of disagreement is authoritarianism. This used to be the purview of the controlling right, but it’s now sacrosanct for the bureaucratic left. Thus, nonsensical mandates are to be followed without question — at least when the left is in control.

Rob Kerchner


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