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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Today I heard that the Army has reached 98% of its members who are fully vaccinated. The Marines are removing 100 who refuse vaccinations. The Air Force is beginning to remove those who oppose vaccinations. Kudos to our military for showing us what a patriot does in service of his country.

I talked to a friend who served in Vietnam. He related that when he was slated to go overseas he had to have 17 vaccinations. It terrified him to have a shot, but he complied. He still does not relish a shot, but as a senior, it is part of living a life.

I too was afraid of a shot in high school. Whenever we had shots scheduled, I would come down with the sniffles and not go to school. One day in English class, where my father was the teacher, a school aide came to our class with pink slips for me and another classmate. I was caught, and walked to the gym to get my shot.

While in line to get our polio shots, I saw a star member of the basketball team ahead of me. He fainted before getting his shot. I was determined not to faint, and I got my shot. Now that I am older, it is common to have my body punctured for this or that. Why was I so afraid?

We still have over 50 million non-patriots who resist vaccination. Even some of our first responders, including firefighters, law enforcement, and medical workers, are losing their jobs because they have refused vaccinations. I am of the opinion that we should line up all 50 million and force them to get a shot, just like they did to me in high school. Otherwise, with the new omicron mutant there will not be a return to normal life in this country. That is, until the anti-vaxxers are gone.

I have a friend who moved to New Zealand to retire. He and his wife reported that ONE COVID-19 infection had occurred, leading to another full shutdown of the country. Are New Zealand lives more valuable than Americans?

Thomas Oatway


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