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Letters to the Editor
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I make no apologies for being a constitutional conservative or a staunch supporter of Rep. Mike Garcia. I’ve been roaming this planet for over 70 years and I’ve seen my fair share of phonies. I’m pretty good at separating the wheat from the chaff. I’m not easily impressed and I’m not into hero worship like many of my fellow conservatives are. I’m also a VERY independent person and while I am a staunch supporter of Garcia, he and I have respectfully disagreed on several occasions in the past and I would bet we will probably disagree on some others in the future — and I would start to REALLY worry about us both if that wasn’t the case! Mike is an extremely honorable man, which in today’s world is a very refreshing thing to see in or out of politics.

When I first met him I was impressed by his straightforward way of speaking and answering questions, and his genuine love for this country. Mike made it clear his order of priorities and loyalties should he be elected to replace resigned Rep. Katie Hill would be: 1) The U.S. Constitution; 2) The California Constitution; 3) The people of the 25th District. I have heard Mike say on numerous occasions he has no blind loyalties to individuals or political parties and his actions on numerous issues has proven that out. I once told Mike that when he has people on both sides of the aisle pissed off at him he must be doing something right!

Former assemblywoman and twice-failed congressional candidate Christy Smith continually, and in great desperation to make herself relevant and solicit money from people, accuses Garcia of being a lap dog of the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump. She can’t go after Mike on his record because he is doing incredible great things for the people of the district, nor can she tell us what she would do other than spend us into oblivion by backing every crazy Democrat spending bill and even coming up with some of her own to waste tax dollars.

Rick Barker

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