Phil Neiman | Responding to Horton’s Histrionics

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Gary Horton, Jan. 26.

After reading the nonsensical column, I felt I must respond. I realize pointing out falsehoods and lies about the left is an exercise in futility, since they don’t value the truth, but I will still give it a go.

To hear Horton explain it, since Mike Garcia was a fighter pilot in Afghanistan, he is nothing short of a war criminal. I doubt that will be considered rational by most fair-minded people.

As for the disastrous pullout of that country, that embarrassed America on the world stage, and cost lives. Joe Biden owns that 100%. He was president, not Donald Trump. And if Trump had pulled out, I seriously doubt he would have closed all the air bases and pulled the military out of the country first. Anyone capable of running a lemonade stand understood that, but not our cognitively challenged president.

The events of Jan. 6 were disgraceful, and some were criminals. But if you are planning an “insurrection,” you would probably come armed. And no one has been charged with insurrection. I realize when defending a president with such a horrible track record as Biden, you have to play the hand you were dealt. And as for Horton bloviating about people not accepting the results in certain states for the 2020 election, he ignores that his side spent three years insisting Trump was a Russian spy, which was proven to be false. But like I stated, truth doesn’t really matter to the left.

The potential invasion of Ukraine is happening on Biden’s watch for a reason. Vladimir Putin (and all other adversaries) do not respect or fear Biden. We will continue to see other activities of this type from Iran, North Korea and China.

The border is an absolute disaster, and it is because Biden revoked all of Trump’s policies, which were working. I realize Horton is probably happy that hundreds of thousands of migrants, and some criminals, have been relocated to various parts of the U.S., because he sees them as future voters. Trying to pretend that this isn’t happening is laughable. Because of these actions by our current leadership, our country is much less safe.

Inflation is out of control. Most of the supply chain disruptions predate Biden, but the fool cancelled the XL pipeline and drilling in Alaska. Then our clueless president signs off on Nord Stream 2, a gift to Russia. Perhaps Biden is a Russian  spy. Or maybe it is a payoff for some of the dirty dealings with Hunter Biden. And asking OPEC countries to drill more, while scuttling it in the U.S., is beyond stupid. And while we were in the middle of these supply issues, our secretary of transportation was on a two-month paid leave.

I could go on, but am exhausted. Mike Garcia has represented the 25th District well, and should have no problem winning reelection this November. I suppose when he does, Gary Horton will claim foul, and say that Garcia colluded with foreign agents to steal the election. 

Phil Neiman


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