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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Sequel to Capitol break-in of Jan. 6, 2021: Part 2 of 6. (Part 1 was published Feb. 25.)

Stop the Steal/March to Save America was a law-abiding movement. There was no talk of an insurrection or anything close. The purpose of the Jan. 6 rally was described as being “to protect election integrity.” The left claims ensuring election integrity is anti-democratic, which is the opposite of the truth. Of the 47 countries in Europe today, 46 of them require government-issued photo ID to vote, as do Mexico and Canada. And, very importantly, there have been more than 500 Trump rallies with no violence by Trump supporters — only left-wing agitators. 

They obtained a permit for the rally to be held on the entire Capitol grounds on Jan. 6. Their application stated they anticipated about 20,000 would attend the rally. 

The rally, a constitutionally protected political rally, was organized by a political strategist, Ali Alexander. He says he is a minority in dissent who demands election integrity. Since organizing the rally, his life has been torn apart and he has received multiple death threats. The Joe Biden administration has put him under surveillance. He’s been told he’s a white nationalist, but he’s actually a Black Muslim. He coordinated the rally with the Capitol Police and told them he expected 20,000 to 50,000 to attend the rally. He also consulted with members of Congress. He was still at Donald Trump’s speech when the first group breached the Capitol, approximately 2 miles away. 

Black Lives Matter/Antifa: The activists had several organized groups riling up the crowds. Several groups of BLM and Antifa were bused in from Baltimore. As reported by the Capitol Police, they were seen changing clothes they brought in their backpacks, to blend in with the crowd. They changed from their traditional black clothing to camo and wore MAGA caps backwards. 

The rally spiraled out of control when BLM and Antifa, professional violent left-wing agitators, and FBI plants infiltrated the crowd to disrupt and rile the crowd. In fact, I have read that it was Trump supporters who tried to hold back the rioters/agitators when they first tried to enter the Capitol building. 

The left/deep state is using political warfare tactics to dehumanize conservatives across the board, including the military. They fabricate and then disseminate propaganda. Political warfare has been defined as the employment of all the means at a nation’s command, short of war, to achieve its national objectives. Such operations are both overt and covert. 

Breaching the Capitol building: In multiple instances, the police opened the doors for them and said “just be peaceful – don’t break the furniture,” which should not be considered trespassing. 

The left’s real agenda is coming after conservatives. Trump warned us. He said, “They don’t hate me, they hate you. I just stand in their way.” 

Katie Couric said they need to “deprogram” conservatives. Apparently, she’s been brainwashed by the political left-wing media and is not able to think for herself. 

This is a concerted effort to strip Americans of their constitutional rights and purge the military of Trump voters. Psychological warfare and fear are being used as a weapon to manipulate us. Conservatives in the military are being singled out as domestic terrorists, but it goes further than that, calling even conservative citizens domestic violence terrorists/extremists. This is a horrible stain on our country. Lives are being destroyed by this outrageous propaganda. As a consequence of law and order being trounced upon, crime has gone way up in all major cities across America. Traditional media has collapsed. The left is hunting down the right, sticking them in jail, and leaving them there to rot. This is political persecution. 

The radicalized left is drunk with power under the Biden administration. 

Beverley Scott


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