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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As so many of us are frustrated with our government’s handling of the Ukrainian war, I have been trying to think of something we can do rather than just sit here frustrated. Here is one thing we can all do: If you have a friend, family member, acquaintance or business contact in Russia or Ukraine, write to them and let them know of our frustration. Let them know we support them as citizens who are also frustrated. Let them know we are sorry for their suffering on so many fronts, including those caused by the sanctions we have had to impose because of Vladimir Putin. Thank them for standing up for “NO WAR”!

According to The Guardian, here are statements from a couple of Russian citizens who are protesting in Russia:

In Moscow, Alexander Belov said he thought that Putin had “lost his mind.” 

“I thought that we would never see a war like this in the 21st century,” said Belov, who arrived early at Moscow’s Pushkinskaya Square to find it surrounded by police vans. “It turns out we live in the Middle Ages.”

The mood in Moscow was dark and sombre hours after Putin had announced that he was launching a broad military offensive targeting Ukraine.

“I am embarrassed for my country. To be honest with you, I am speechless. War is always scary. We don’t want this,” said Nikita Golubev, a 30-year-old teacher. “Why are we doing this?”

Do you know someone? Please take the time to write, they have Internet!

Also, please look up an organization you trust and make a donation to help the people of Ukraine. Don’t wait like our government has!

Do something!

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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