Thomas L. Cadman | Remembering the Orange Man

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Remember the campaign of 2016 when the press was constantly accused of pushing “fake news”? 

Who can forget the constant references to his opponent as “Crooked Hillary”? Remember the ridiculous claims his campaign was spied on, that he was spied on! Remember his mean tweets where almost daily members of the press, politicians, big tech and the deep state were called out and held to public ridicule? 

And yet he was elected president! 

How did this happen? The voters could see the orchestrated talking points pushed daily by the media and saw it for what it was, part of the Democrat campaign, not independent journalism. The term “Crooked Hillary” stuck as voters for years had questions about her character. And the tweets, well, he picked his fights with the powerful and influential, not the hard-working people across the country. And finally the spying allegations, as the John Durham investigation is now uncovering, were true. 

Remember when new trade deals were being negotiated and manufacturing was brought back home? Remember when our southern border was secure? Remember the ISIS caliphate that appeared would be with us as a permanent fixture in the Middle East being wiped out in seven months? Remember the tax cuts that led to the strongest economy the country had ever seen? Remember the lowest unemployment in all categories and the highest level of participation in the workforce in 70 years? Remember when we became energy-independent for the first time since Harry Truman was president? Remember when inflation was 1.2% and not 8%, and gas was $3.39 a gallon? 

Thanks to big tech, the media and a virus from China, all that is gone along with the “Orange Man.” And now we have “Mr. Magoo”! 

Thomas L. Cadman

Canyon Country

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