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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am a blinded U.S. military veteran (U.S. Air Force medic, Vietnam War) but I see clearly what is happening to America under the Joe Biden Administration. 

Recently, I sent a letter of grave concern to Mr. Biden. Below are excerpts from that letter (changed only to third person in italics where appropriate):

The absence of an inspiring leadership persona is attributed to many of his decisions and actions including:

Embracing socialist/Marxist agendas of his extreme leftist Democrat colleagues.

Pushing non-science mandates to address COVID-19 concerns.

Withdrawing from Afghanistan with no regard to our citizens, allies and weaponry left behind (i.e., tantamount to treason — aiding an enemy, the Taliban).

Leaving Americans with an unprotected southern border and secretive dispersal of non-vetted aliens throughout our nation (i.e., per his oath of office, protecting our laws and, hence, our citizens).

Many more egregious concerns could be cited but the above four are among the worst. Even some of his fellow Democrats have begun publicly expressing “disgust” with his administration’s handling of major issues in America. Items 3 and 4 clearly merit impeachment in the absence of his willingness to resign from office.

In contrast to the above concerns, the 25th Congressional District (soon to be renumbered as the 27th District) is very fortunate to have Rep. Mike Garcia as its representative. His inspiring, community-engaging leadership is manifested with a true warrior’s discipline in addressing the needs of his district and America. 

A vote for Mike in the upcoming June 7 primary election will help assure:

Confronting socialist anti-American agendas (e.g., protecting American patriotism, the U.S. Constitution, and an America-first agenda).

Supporting science-based policies in addressing COVID 19 issues.

Standing up for a strong U.S. military, including 25th District military-industrial companies (e.g., supporting a Ukrainian victory and condemning the disastrous Afghanistan exit).

Protecting America’s southern border and community security by stopping illegal entries.

Many more actions by Congressman Garcia could be cited. Highlights include securing billions to address District 25 needs with his significant congressional committee memberships, and his regular and reliable interactions with district constituents demonstrate his love for his work and the communities of District 25.

Larry Bustetter

Santa Clarita

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