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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Some MAGA Republicans, including those who are regular contributors to The Signal, are acting like they lived on another planet during the Donald Trump years. 

For example, they insist that Vladimir Putin did not invade Ukraine during the previous administration, but waited until Joe Biden became president. Of course, this is nonsense. 

Russian separatists, wholly supported by Russia, have carried on a war against Ukraine since 2014, when they invaded and took Crimea. For many, including Tucker Carlson, Putin is more beloved than our own president. 

Biden is said to have lost the war with the pandemic. Let us not forget that the former president said it was a hoax, insisted it would disappear as an issue after the election, and then got himself infected. It is likely that he lost the election as a result of his incompetency in handling the pandemic. The singular good thing about this pandemic is that it helped get him unelected.

Biden is pilloried for mishandling the economy. But it was Trump who presided over the crash of the economy, record unemployment, and massive deficits after mishandling COVID-19. 

Biden has gotten us vaccines, put workers back on the job, and rebuilt the damaged economy. America is doing better than most countries in recovering from this pandemic.

Another falsehood: Biden failed in the retreat from Afghanistan and caused 13 lives to be lost to the Taliban terrorists. 

How easily they forget that Trump welcomed a Taliban visit, undercut the Afghanistan government, and announced a pullout months ahead of when Biden finally got us out of that mess of a country. Biden certainly saved many more lives of soldiers and civilians by finally ending the conflict. 

We should be eternally grateful for the thoughtful and patriotic American voters who retired the former president to his golf course in Florida. 

Unfortunately, the negative impact of having him occupy the White House is the rise of sycophants in the wake of his failed presidency. That includes Ron DeSantis, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Green and Mike Garcia. 

Now we will have to erase them from the political landscape like the weeds that are growing wild in my yard.

Thomas Oatway


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