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Letters to the Editor
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One year ago on Memorial Day weekend, a dear fellow veteran and I visited the National Cemetery in West Los Angeles. We share a common patriotism and love for America. We differ in our political views and mutually respect those perspectives. We helped place American flags at veterans’ burial sites. The experience was moving, uplifting and memorable. A reporter spotted us carrying out our task, photographed and interviewed us, and the article appeared in thereafter.

A few weeks ago, my wife, Kay, and I had the privilege to join another fellow veteran, Rep. Mike Garcia (our 25th Congressional District representative) during a primary election vote canvassing effort. He shared with us his passionate desire for a nonpartisan unity among fellow Americans to help preserve our nation’s heritage and history. As a family man, Mike’s focus and track record has demonstrated a genuine concern for the security of America and her families. His solid military leadership (Navy F-18 fighter pilot) in the skies above the Middle East and, now, his highly productive leadership in Congress are clear evidence of his focus on security. Examples include supporting law enforcement, strengthening our military, fighting leftists’ anti-family tactics, leading the largest drug bust in U.S. history and confronting inflation’s causes.

Thousands of American patriots gave their lives in the Revolutionary War and succeeding wars, including the Afghanistan exit fiasco. Extreme leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter and their founding leaders have even admitted, “We are trained Marxists.” They authored the anti-family BLM manifesto. Their deceptive tactics have allured many politicians and corporate leaders. So, American patriots are now engaged in homeland war. Voting for Mike Garcia in the June 7 primary election will help assure his ongoing fight for America’s security. Unfortunately, bipartisanship is often forgotten during elections. Mike’s major opponent, Christy Smith, has been endorsed by Democratic Socialists of America, whose leader Christy called “an inspiration to me.”  

Further, she was a cosponsor in the California Legislature of a bill to make medical marijuana available on public school campuses. These represent only two examples of her willingness to tread too closely with highly debatable and concerning issues such as socialism and drug availability. Likewise, they are stark contrasts with Mike’s efforts.

Bipartisan patriots who support America’s history and values are united in shouting, “We choose liberty!” Join Congressman Mike Garcia on June 7 in casting your vote for him to unite in the fight against anti-American leftist extremists.

Larry Bustetter


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