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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats’ executive board released the following statement regarding recent actions from Democratic candidate Annie Cho’s campaign:

The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats executive board is deeply disappointed to learn that state Assembly candidate Annie Cho has accepted contributions from a Chevron-affiliated political action committee and that Cho’s campaign is spending donors’ hard-earned money on attacking fellow Democratic candidate Pilar Schiavo.

Assembly District 40 has faced numerous environmental disasters and challenges, including the devastating Aliso Canyon gas leak and continuous pollution from the Chiquita Canyon Landfill. It is because of this history and our concern for our community’s future that we are worried about Cho’s campaign accepting donations from a Chevron-affiliated PAC, especially after she signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge to not take contributions over $200 from oil, gas and coal industry executives, lobbyists and PACs.

We are also concerned that Cho would spend critical campaign funds attacking a fellow Democrat in the Assembly District 40 race. Instead of using those contributions to help ensure voters make it to the polls or inform voters about the Republican incumbent’s failure to adequately represent constituents’ values in Sacramento, Cho’s campaign has demonstrated that her priorities lie not with empowering voters, but rather with tearing down her Democratic opponent.

These disappointing choices made by Cho’s campaign reaffirm our members’ vote to endorse Pilar Schiavo in this race. Schiavo has always been an independent voice for the issues she’s spent her career working on, including ensuring all Californians receive the health care they need. She’s not afraid to stand up to politicians of both parties and defend our most vulnerable neighbors. That’s how we know that we can trust Schiavo to unapologetically, boldly fight for Santa Clarita’s working families in Sacramento.

Chair Andrew Taban,

Vice Chair Jackie Thomas

Board members Mai Nguyen Do,
Brett Haddock, Gina Kaufman, Rachelle Lyman and Kat Walker

Santa Clarita Valley Democrats

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