Diane Duarte Babko | The Guns Are the Problem

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Letters to the Editor
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I recently received a message from Rep. Mike Garcia announcing the two bills the has introduced to “improve and increase security on school campuses.” What Mr. Garcia fails to acknowledge is that the problem of gun violence isn’t at the schools, but in our society. Our representative will not support a ban on assault weapons, which have killed thousands of people, nor will he support regulation of the sale of guns at gun shows, nor will he support greater scrutiny of those who wish to purchase guns. Mike Garcia (has received) monetary donations from the National Rifle Association, therefore his interest in increasing security on school campuses and saving the lives of innocent people in our country just might stop at anything that might affect the sale of guns. The NRA might not appreciate his lack of allegiance. 

Think about how much Mike Garcia really “advocates for the protection of our schools and students” (his own words) when you choose your representative in November. Christy Smith doesn’t receive support from the NRA.

Diane Duarte Babko

Santa Clarita

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