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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Reading the letters to the editor is part of my daily routine. Interesting are the different viewpoints and the somewhat competitive attitude of some of the regulars. I do, however, find some letters a little offensive for statements that are disrespectful and even demeaning to certain segments of the population. 

I find the most recent letter by Arthur Saginian particularly disrespectful. I have noticed in the past some demeaning comments he made about religion and people who believe in God. His latest, “Intimacy, Ethics and Reality” (June 7) is another example of his disrespectful attitude toward Christians and the Catholic priesthood in particular. While he is certainly entitled to his opinion and convictions, if he wants to present himself as a “brilliant” knowledgeable person as it appears he wants to project, then he should not need to insult or ridicule other professions and ideologies. 

I have to admit that he writes very well but that does not mean he is right or gives him the right to insult others. If he is really that smart, he could make his point without insulting others. 

I am a Catholic and I read Baptist Pastor David Hegg’s column too, simply because he makes a lot of sense. 

Hilmar Rosenast


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