Gary Morrison | Lois Was Right, Trump Embarrassing

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Bob Comer, Diane Zimmerman, Sunday Signal, June 26.

Let’s take Mr. Comer first since his contribution was quite short. Sorry Bob, Lois was right!

The “Mar a Lago miscreant” was actually impeached twice. Mitch and company just refused to convict him!

Diane, Diane, Diane, which Capitol videos are the mainstream press refusing to show us? Have you got some samples, or references, or is it just more insinuations? And the TRUTH you speak of, where is it to be found? Among the good things you claim for the “orange man,” you speak of fuel independence. We became a net petroleum exporter in the later years of the Barack Obama administration. We haven’t been food-independent in decades. Energy… what are you referring to?

Anthony Fauci as the co-creator of COVID-19? Really? Got any proof or is this just more conspiracy theory nonsense? Your letter comes across as more grievances. You have to hand it to Donald Trump, he did everything in plain sight. Like any good method actor, he told us what he was going to do, did it, then told us what he did. Works in movies, not so much in jurisprudence. He told us he was not going to leave office even if he lost the election. When asked if he would accept the results of the election, he said something to the effect of, “if I win, yes. If not we’ll have to see.” He told us he wanted to be “president for life.” When congratulating President Xi Xinping of China for his appointment for life, he said, “Maybe we should try that here?”All he needed was to be reelected, or stay in office. He almost pulled it off. All the witnesses are members of his administration, (Republicans all) or appointed by him. When you lose Bill Barr, you gotta be doing something wrong!

I don’t hate Donald Trump. I find him embarrassing.

Gary Morrison


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