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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Recently Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas led the way for other states to condemn the Joe Biden Administration for not protecting Americans from foreign invasion. An invasion is an unwelcome intrusion into another’s territory — most Americans agree this intrusion is indeed unwelcome. He cited the U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4 (the U.S. shall guarantee protection for every state against invasion — paraphrased) by emphasizing that it shows the responsibility of the federal government to assure this guarantee. He noted similar protection in the Texas Constitution. He indicated an immediate plan to use Texas resources to stop illegal immigration at his state’s southern border. Hopefully, other states will adopt his proactive posture to address this invasion menace of millions of illegal immigrants at their borders. 

All states’ sovereignty has been violated by Biden’s secret transporting of illegal immigrants to cities across America. They are being invaded whether their borders are adjacent to Mexico or not. Sadly, California’s governor shows no interest in taking a similar posture to protect California citizens from invasion. 

We are fortunate in District 27 to have Rep. Mike Garcia confront supporters of this disastrous invasion and many other issues. On May 12, he addressed Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leftist colleagues. Speech highlights include the following quotes: 

• “Some matters go beyond simple coincidences, and some things are simply inexplicable and inexcusable. The blizzard of crises our nation has endured since January of 2021 cannot be attributed to a simple string of bad luck. The reality is that these were intentionally induced crises by our elected officials in the White House and in this body.” 

• “Why does your party care more about the borders of other nations than our own? … A party that has become hijacked by (Black Lives Matter) and special interests. Hijacked by fear, rather than a devotion to our beautiful Constitution.”(THE authority for protecting our nation from invasion!) 

Each of the above quoted concerns by Rep. Garcia demonstrate his passion and capability to help lead America out of the disastrous policies of Joe Biden’s administration. Likewise, each of his statements to the House and its speaker provide ample evidence of Biden’s failure to protect America’s sovereignty and her citizens from this “blizzard of crises,” especially this ongoing invasion. This failure merits impeachment of the president! 

The following closing statement by Garcia in the House of Representatives shows his commitment to America and our district. Help assure returning America to her greatness and stopping this invasion by voting for Rep. Mike Garcia on Nov. 8. 

“I have spent my life defending this beautiful country. Since the age of 18, as a Naval officer, I have been willing to give my life for this nation, and if I’m willing to die for it, I’m willing to work for it. And if I’m willing to work for it, I’m willing to do what’s right for it.” 

Larry Bustetter

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