Rob Kerchner | The COVID-19 Sledgehammer

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The vaccine debacle has been a very good lesson, not only in how power-mad and destructive big government progressives are, but also in how much the media will lie for them.

Coming on the heels of their lockdown debacle, anyone not clued in yet should have their head examined. 

And anyone who still believes in the efficacy of cloth masks has an intellect matched only by the bureaucratic genius who thought dots on the floor and a sheet of plexiglass will stop a virus.

Meanwhile, in our entire country of over 332 million people, just over 1 million people are liberally counted as having died of COVID-19. Their average age was 80. 

And for this we stunted our kids’ education, fired healthy people in droves, forced an experimental vaccine on the population, incurred unimaginable debt, and took a sledgehammer to our economy.

Rob Kerchner 


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