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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

After reading Rep. Mike Garcia’s column in The Signal on July 9, I thought I would fact-check it. He indicated that Christy Smith wanted to defund the police, marched with Black Lives Matter, wants to raise taxes, eliminate Proposition 13, etc.

Not only are those things true, but her “critical causes” for our nation are not what any of us should want as priorities!

In Christy Smith’s own words: “The present challenges we face right now offer myriad critical causes that demand our activism: voting rights, the climate crisis, reproductive freedom, LGBTQ+ rights and economic justice. For me, making the leap from lifelong activism to running for Congress has been a leap of both faith and desperation.”

I don’t know about you, but I am more concerned about our influence (or lack of it) in the world, illegal immigration, gas prices, food supply and cost, water in California, drugs killing our youth, educating our children without all of the woke crap, jobs, homelessness, funding the police, keeping prisoners in prison, and stopping child abduction and sex trafficking. I could keep on naming many other things much more important than what Ms. Smith thinks our “critical causes” are!

A vote for Garcia is a vote for all the people, especially the impoverished, the working class, the middle class, senior citizens and business,

Thank you, Congressman Garcia. 

Ronald Perry 

Canyon Country

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