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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A headline in (a Los Angeles newspaper) reads, “Nazis are again invoked in a GOP attack.” Rep. Mike Garcia is quick to jump onto the Donald Trump bandwagon to assert that the Joe Biden administration is “weaponizing the (Department of Justice).” All of this because Trump took classified documents home with him after he left office, and the FBI went to get them back. 

Mike Garcia is an unabashed Trump Republican who clearly puts party above country. Trump lost the election. Yet politicians like Garcia continue to support the big lie. Now they attack the FBI, the organization that has been protecting our country since its inception. Trump plays the victim when he is the cause of it all. And, Mike Garcia buys in. He’ll say anything that he thinks will get him elected, honesty or integrity aside. 

How do we put an end to this? It starts by voting for Christy Smith! Don’t buy the typical Garcia dishonest attack ads. Vote for a person who will put country above all instead of party — and self-service — above country. Vote for what is best for all of us. There is no “deep state” to which Garcia refers, and the FBI is on our side. 

Please vote for Christy Smith. 

Bob Babko 


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