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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Arthur Saginian, letters, Aug. 10. Arthur, 37 years ago I was just like you in my opinion of Christians. I am not preaching to you but I want to tell you what happened to me. I was what you would probably call a bar person. For about 30 years I went to bars probably four nights a week, give or take. 

One morning I went to a church and the pastor asked me what I thought about Jesus. I told him what I believed, that Jesus walked this Earth and did the things told of Him, that he was killed on a cross and rose from the dead. I’m not even sure how I knew all this other than my grandma sang Jesus songs and took me to church as a child. The pastor, after I answered his question, asked if I had ever asked Jesus to be lord of my life. I replied, “No, should I?” We then prayed what I now know as the sinner’s prayer. My habit of going to bars disappeared from my life, with no effort on my part. It just became not me anymore. You say faith is unprovable. How, then, did this change happen?

I could carry on with a lot of opinions, but what really matters to those in your bell-shaped curve is, what do any of them, or you for that matter, believe about Jesus?

David Smith
Canyon Country

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