Howard P. “Buck” McKeon | Weighing in on Council Election

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I was blessed with the opportunity to serve as the mayor of Santa Clarita immediately following our great city’s incorporation in 1987. We have seen many wonderful leaders on the Santa Clarita City Council since that time. As I have returned to the city, I have seen progress within the city boundaries. I appreciate the years of service these civil servants have dedicated to our great city. As we approach the upcoming election, I look at the needs of the city of Santa Clarita. As in all things, there is a time and a season. I have evaluated the contributions that our current city government has provided, and it appears to me that a fresh set of eyes on the needs of the great citizens of Santa Clarita is warranted. Again, I know that the City Council has done their best. We need leadership for the future. 

I am proud to announce my endorsement of Denise Lite for Santa Clarita City Council. Denise is a vibrant, intelligent leader who embodies public service and truly understands the pressing issues facing Santa Clarita. Denise has demonstrated her love for public service through her many charitable works over the last decade, such as the nonprofit organization Soroptimist International of Valencia. Through her work at SIV, Denise works with local women struggling with breast cancer, providing them hope and support. When not working with nonprofits, Denise continues to serve her community as an attorney and family legal advocate. Aside from her philanthropic work, Denise understands the issues the citizens of Santa Clarita care about; the issues that affect their everyday lives. Issues like improving public safety, developing the city’s infrastructure, and ensuring economic vitality for all citizens. Denise’s analytical skills as a lawyer and as a mediator will bring thoughtful, intelligent discussion to these issues, benefiting the people of Santa Clarita. 

Additionally, I am proud to endorse Bill Miranda, former mayor and current City Council member. Bill has recently led and served on the council and understands the need for leadership and fresh perspective. He has supported our local veterans, seniors and many nonprofit organizations within the city. During the challenges of the COVID pandemic, Bill served as the mayor and demonstrated great leadership, visiting dozens of medical facilities and thanking those dedicating their lives to those in need. He organized “gift-giving” programs for caregivers, led the opening of the Laemmle Theater, The Cube Ice Skating and Entertainment Center as well as the new Sheriff’s Station and the Canyon Country Community Center. 

The next four years are critical to the continued success of Santa Clarita. Bill Miranda and Denise Lite are the candidates to take the city of Santa Clarita to new heights. To build on the past with a vision for the future, please join me in supporting these great leaders who will share new perspectives and vision to get the job done. I am endorsing them because I see the leadership they have demonstrated and know that Santa Clarita will benefit with them on the council.

Howard P. “Buck” McKeon

Member of U.S. Congress 1992-2015

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