Ronald Perry | Legal Drug Dens Coming to California?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

So you think liberals want to help people? Did you see this article in the Aug. 2 Signal?

Democrats in the California State Senate passed a bill that would hurt, not help, drug users by authorizing several California cities to operate “drug dens,” providing those who use narcotics with a safe place to take them.

Does this sound to you like it will truly help people?

I guess I really am a dinosaur! Because it sounds to me like they are saying, “We are here to help you kill yourself on drugs but want you to be clean while doing it!”

Santa Clarita is a small city, but growing larger every day. And Santa Clarita had six deaths from drug overdoses in July.

Wouldn’t it be better to help people with their addiction rather support them in it? Wouldn’t it be better to try to make our city safer rather than encourage activities that have been proven to increase crime? Wouldn’t it be better to spend that money on mental hospitals and counseling? Helping these addicts by saving their lives, helping them get jobs and come back into the real world? Or are you still in favor of creating yet another “train to nowhere”?

But I guess if you are liberal, you only talk about helping people rather than truly helping them. You only do those things that appear to help so you can get more votes!

I would hope all of you who call yourselves liberal would write a letter now and ask Gov. Gavin Newsom to VETO this bill, then I would be assured we are working together toward at least one of the same goals: To cut crime and truly help people with their addictions! 

Ronald Perry

Canyon Country

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