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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A federal judge released the FBI search warrant and list of documents discovered in a “raid” on Mar-a-Lago. Classified documents were found and removed. It is to be determined whether any of this is a criminal violation of the Espionage Act and obstruction of justice by the former president. 

But it does not look good.

It seems incredible that classified documents, not to mention ordinary White House historical documents, could have been boxed up and shipped on a private carrier to the Florida residence of Donald Trump. All such records must be preserved and retained by virtue of the Presidential Records Act. 

Classified documents must be tightly controlled, and in fact, locked up securely. We know that the former president was not boxing these documents himself, but needed help. There could be prosecution of both the former president, and anyone who was involved. It is never a good idea to be involved with anything that this guy touches.

All this week the right-wing media and prominent GOP politicians wailed and squealed at the unprecedented search of the property of a former president. Of course, Trump could have relinquished these items subject to a subpoena issued to him in June 2022. Or never taken them in the first place. 

Now he is in more serious hot water, adding to the (Jan. 6) investigation, the Georgia attempt to “find 11,780 votes,” etc. 

For so long I have been looking for the authorities to jail him and fit him with an orange jumpsuit. Finally, my grandest dreams may be coming true.

Thomas Oatway


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