Brian Richards | Jan. 6, the Worst Day Ever?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We are told by the ever-hyperventilating left that Jan. 6 was the worst day ever. The perpetually unhinged gang at MSNBC said it was worse than 9/11 where 3,000 Americans were murdered, ( The author of “Everything I don’t like is worse than Watergate,” Carl Bernstein says Jan. 6 was worse than the Civil War where more than 600,000 Americans died and our country almost didn’t survive ( Our perpetually confused president said Jan. 6 was the worst thing to happen to our democracy since the Civil War, oblivious to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who died in various wars since the Civil War as well as various social upheavals that have happened since ( 

One colossally ignorant and deranged leftist even compared Jan. 6 to the Holocaust! ( When it comes to hyperbole, the left is in a league all by itself. There can be no confusion about why they aren’t taken seriously except by themselves. 

Let us compare the Jan. 6 “riot” that was caused by some conservatives with the Black Lives Matter riots caused by leftists and anarchists. Jan. 6 was a one-time incident that was over in a few hours. The BLM riots occurred over 500 times throughout the nation during an entire summer. Nobody, other than one of the rioters, was murdered during the Jan. 6 riot. The BLM riots resulted in at least 20 people murdered. No small businesses were destroyed on Jan. 6 but hundreds were destroyed during the BLM riots. One federal building was damaged on Jan. 6 but more than 150 were damaged or DESTROYED during the BLM riots. The Jan. 6 riot caused $1.5 million in damage, or the equivalent of seven seconds of government spending. The BLM riots caused more than $2 billion in damage. About 140 officers were “assaulted” during the Jan. 6 riot. “Assaulted,” using the most vague and broad definition possible. More than 2,000 officers were assaulted during the BLM riots. During the BLM riots the “protesters” were bailed out with even Vice President Kamala Harris calling for funds to help bail out the criminals. Many of the Jan. 6 rioters remain in prison, still not being tried for their crimes. They are often in solitary confinement waiting on trial using the most trumped-up charges imaginable. Cruel and unusual doesn’t begin to describe the way these people have been treated. 

Finally, the Jan. 6 rioters were encouraged by fringe political groups and agitators. Spare me the charge that President Donald Trump encouraged it when his own words stated to go protest PEACEFULLY! The BLM riots were not only not condemned by the media and leftists, but many of them actively encouraged the riots. We all remember the scene of burning buildings behind a CNN reporter reporting about the “mostly peaceful” protests.

The double standard on how these events are viewed is breathtaking. I refuse to be lectured to by leftists about civility and fairness when they compare Jan. 6 to the worst day ever. The divide in this country can never cease when they accuse 75 million Trump voters of treason or compare them to a guy in Viking horns running around the Capitol looking for some photo opportunities. As long as they think these deranged souls had any chance of overthrowing the government, the only response from us is to mock them. We used to laugh at their hyperbole but now it’s just pathetic. I know, I’m worse than Hitler. 

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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