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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As of late I have been listening and watching the news media on TV. Mostly Fox News which I believe to be the most straightforward media in the group. In fact, other news channels have picked up their stories and have run with them.

Primarily what I am referring to is the mutilation of the teens (under 18) who have gone to very distinguished university hospitals throughout the nation to have gender realignment (sex changes) and mostly without parental consent. Hospitals know who they are, they were mentioned in each report.

What has this country come to? I remember back to the years of World War II and the mutilations performed by Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz concentration camp. It was revealed after the camps were (taken over) and the prisoners freed.

He joined the Nazi party in 1933 and ended up at Auschwitz, where he performed his experiments for (Hitler) in order to form the “perfect race,” which fortunately did not come to fruition.

The hospitals that perform the mutilations on our teens serve only the almighty dollar. The hospitals, doctors and the boards of directors that run these butcher shops should be sanctioned and closed for their inhumane surgeries or butchery.

The removing of one’s genitals is a life-changing procedure performed on confused teens who have no idea what they want in life.

No such butchery should be performed on anyone until they reach the age of consent (18).

God created men and women and that should be left alone. If any changes are to be made, let Him do it, not the hospital butchers who do it solely for the money.

One taxpayer’s opinion.

Dick Cesaroni

Tullahoma, Tennessee 

Former Santa Clarita resident

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