Gary R. Martin | Vote Bill Cooper for SCV Water

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In this most critical election for the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency board of directors, I strongly urge you to vote for Bill Cooper’s re-election to his Division 1 seat. SCV Water’s continued ability to supply you and your family or business with clean, reliable water will depend heavily on Bill’s presence and continued leadership on the SCV Water board in 2023 and beyond.

In the almost 10 years that I’ve served alongside Bill on the Castaic Lake and SCV Water Agency boards, I have watched him pour his heart, soul and professional expertise into doing what’s best for our community and rate payers. Bill has leveraged the experience and knowledge gained over his 40-year career as a water professional to deliver on the agency’s mission of providing a reliable supply of high-quality water at a reasonable cost. Commitment to this mission has never been more important than now, as unprecedented drought conditions persist in California. Ironically though, it is times like these that measures taken by our agency under Bill’s past leadership are proving invaluable in helping us bridge over these dry years successfully. 

We need water professionals on our board to continue making the right decisions for our community. We need people on our board who don’t have a personal agenda that is contrary to the best interests of our beautiful Santa Clarita Valley. When you cast your ballot this year for the water board, please select Bill Cooper. Our water future depends on it. 

Gary R. Martin

SCV Water Board President

Santa Clarita

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