Greg Aprahamian | Why Is District So Troubled?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Five years ago the Saugus Union School District employed John Zeretzke and his organization, “Flutes Across The World,” to facilitate a music program. It was later discovered that Zeretzke was masturbating into the flutes so select grade school students would then ingest his semen.   

Sixteen months later the same school district elects attorney David Barlavi to a trustee position after he advertised himself as an athletics coach.   

Shortly afterward the school district then became embroiled in more controversy after coach Barlavi insisted on publicly displaying his negative views of America in front of students, parents and faculty by displaying his clenched fist during the pledge of allegiance. 

Unhappy with anonymous online comments being generated about this school trustee, Barlavi pulled a Jussie Smollett and cried victim, triggering a sheriff’s investigation with (additional costs) to increase security for the Saugus district governing board because they felt threatened. A few months later the investigation was halted by then-L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey because the online comments were found not to be credible threats.   

Fast forward a year later and candidate Christian Gadbois launches a campaign to be the lone Republican on the school board, only it is later discovered that he was at the time of the election on trial for a felony crime: 

This is only part of the circus the Santa Clarita community has endured the last five years involving this elementary school district. 

The big question: Why has this school district been such a haven for perverts, felons, Jussie Smullets and their enablers? 

I have a few theories:    

We are faced with a recurring problem of a public that is unaware of the history of the SUSD. 

We have leftist politicos who purely want to advance their political careers and agendas and can do so because of an unengaged public.  

We have a local Republican party system that has in the past failed the community because they wouldn’t vet the candidates they were promoting for criminal records because of insider establishment loyalties. 

Predators choose easy prey. They see the public has been largely uninvolved, easily fooled and basically unaware of the past problems of this school district, and because of this predators move in and take advantage. 

The cure for all of this is an engaged public that knows the history of this school district and because of the past problems sees it as their duty to scrutinize everything.  

We need involved community members committed to monitoring this elementary school district who are familiar with the coded language of the left, to provide the needed scrutiny that those with a financial or political agenda can not offer.   

Greg Aprahamian


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