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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Many of The Signal’s readers may (or may not) be aware that The Signal has an online version and that these letters can be found there as well. Not only that, below each letter is a “comments” section where online readers can share their thoughts, feelings and opinions, on the letter. It’s quite an “arena,” as I would call it, and I encourage all readers of The Signal to pay a visit for some “entertainment value,” if for nothing else. I guarantee you will be entertained by the often “interesting” back-and-forth that some of the letters to the editor conjure up. But more to the point of this particular letter…

The dear and beloved Lois Eisenberg, whose letters grace the opinion page of The Signal about as often as mine, shot out a comment on one of my letters, the one that spoke of a progressive liberal dictatorship. In her comment Lois asked a simple question: How can a progressive liberal agenda include a dictatorship? 

Oh, Lois, let me count the ways:

1: Fill the state Legislature with progressive liberal Democrats, so many that not only do they have a super-majority, but are also so numerous that they effectively nullify the Republican vote (i.e. democracy in name only, or DINO).

2: Elect only progressive liberal Democrats to the governorship and all of the other executive offices in Sacramento.

3: Establish and maintain a progressive liberal agenda (i.e. help everyone at any cost) despite the opposition of conservative Republicans (what few of them that remain).

4: Proclaim the progressive liberal agenda as being good and right for all and any opposing agendas (i.e. “regressive” conservative ones) as being wrong and bad. 

5: Refuse to acknowledge the merits (if any) of any thoughts, feelings, or opinions that do not align with those of progressive liberalism.

6: Refuse to acknowledge even the possibility that any aspect of the progressive liberal agenda could have its faults or long-term detriments.

 That’s how you create a progressive liberal dictatorship (and destroy a democracy), Lois, and I even have a working example for you: the state of California. But there are other states on either coast that could very well join us. Take the “heartland,” and there goes the country, off to “left field.” Wouldn’t that be nice? That is what you want, isn’t it? “Correcting” that which is “incorrect”?

So go ahead, say that I’m wrong, or that I’ve “gone off the deep end,” but ask any conservative Republican (or even some independents) and I think you might get fairly solid agreement on this matter. I suggest, instead, that you try to convince THEM that I’m wrong. Oh, but you needn’t bother. Since progressive liberals are in such a majority in this state, and should thus serve as the “guiding light” to help “re-educate” the rest of the country, you probably don’t even need to care.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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