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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We need Dirk Marks to be elected to the SCV Water Agency board of directors.

Chances are, when you turn on the tap for a glass of water, that you give little thought as to what it takes to get that water to you. But, you can thank Dirk Marks. 

When you can, in the most severe drought in 1,200 years, water your grass three times a week instead of the once a week that the neighboring cities in Los Angeles are requiring – you can thank Dirk Marks. 

Dirk has had a 40-year career in water as a water resource engineer, first with Metropolitan Water District and then, to our valley’s great benefit, 14 years working at both the Castaic Lake Water Agency and SCV Water Agency. In that time, Dirk has found and procured water rights and brought groundwater banking and storage programs online, providing about 35% of our valley’s current water supply. Our valley today would look far different without Dirk’s knowledge and hands-on experience. 

As a recent retiree, Dirk can now serve on the SCV Water board of directors and we cannot afford to lose his vision in acquiring and managing our valley’s water supply. Please vote to elect Dirk Marks to the SCV Water Agency board. Our valley needs him. 

Bill Cooper 

Member, SCV Water Agency Board 

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