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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I read The Signal’s editorial (Oct. 8) that stated that our city is a well-run, safe city. They also said they’d like to see “new blood” on the City Council. In a different context, when there is an excellent teacher we aren’t happy when they leave and “new blood” comes in to teach. 

Marsha McLean works full-time as our City Council member and has advocated for additional law enforcement, making our city one of the safest in the nation. Under Marsha’s leadership the city has been fiscally responsible, with a rare AAA credit rating and an almost unheard of 20% reserve for emergencies. Santa Clarita maintained its services during the economic downturn while other cities were going bankrupt.

Marsha represents Santa Clarita on a regional and local level for transportation infrastructure, helped to add more than 13,000 acres of open space around our city, provided funding for our senior center and much more, all while serving on the boards of nonprofits in our community. During the pandemic, the city added a new community center and sheriff’s station, and built a new bike park, archery range and large inclusive playground to provide safe outdoor recreational opportunities.

I have known Marsha personally for many years and serve as her appointed Parks, Recreation and Community Services commissioner. Although I am not reapplying to continue in this capacity in order to spend more time serving at my church, I believe Marsha should be re-elected to carry on with the leadership and integrity she has exemplified. I do not agree that when things are being run very well you should change leadership to get “new blood.” 

Please keep Marsha McLean in office on Nov. 8 to support our well-run, award-winning city!

Dianna Boone 

Santa Clarita

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