Lois Eisenberg | High Court Has Lost Its Luster

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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The U.S. Supreme Court has lost its luster as its approval rating has plummeted to record lows. In September 2020 the approval rating was 66%, but in September 2022 it has dropped to 40%.

It’s a fact that all ages and genders disapprove of the Supreme Court by large margins. The majority of people believe that the court has to change and one of the changes is that the number of justices has to increase and rightfully so.

In its unfair majority of justices, who have the negative Donald Trump agenda stamped on them, they are very dangerous and biased. When Trump packed the court with his “extremist terrible trio,” the majority of Americans shifted their attitude about the court’s role.

In September 2020, 44% of the public said the court should pay more attention to public opinion while 55% said it should not. In September 2022, 61% said public opinion should be considered while 39% said it should not.

There has been a steep (shift) in the past year in the percentage of Americans who have lost their trust in the judicial branch of the federal government. There has been a major decline in the court’s support of women due to the reversal of Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court is not acting like a Supreme Court but an extension of the political process. Longstanding past decisions are being disregarded, causing lack of confidence in the Supreme Court.

Let’s even out the playing field and appoint more justices from both parties.

Lois Eisenberg 

Santa Clarita

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