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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In her political ad, Christy Smith does not mention the many ills caused by her party nationally and in the state, such as the invasion at the border, rampant crime in our streets, children falling far behind in our schools, soaring inflation and many other real local, state and national problems with which our 27th Congressional District representative must contend. 

But she does mention that we should vote for her because she is solidly behind a woman’s right to choose and, on that score, Mike Garcia is too extreme for California. It may have escaped Smith’s notice, but the U.S. Supreme Court recently has de-nationalized the issue of abortion and sent it back for decision in each of the 50 separate states. So, if Ms. Smith wishes to adjudicate the subject of a woman’s right to choose, the appropriate venue is Sacramento, not Washington, D.C. Besides, a perusal of Mike Garcia’s website turns up no discussion of the subject at all. Mike is sure to realize that whatever his personal views, the subject will receive no serious attention in either the House or the Senate for many years, if ever. Instead, he is attending to real issues for Santa Clarita like the Mexican drug cartels setting up marijuana growing facilities in the Antelope Valley as well as the many problems mentioned above. 

In truth, Christy Smith has little of substance to recommend her to voters. In Washington, she would be a reliable vote for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, as she was previously for the Democrat party bosses in Sacramento. She was willing then to hurt her constituents by increasing the gasoline tax. In Washington, she would support the open borders, out-of-control spending, high inflation, and the soft-on-crime agenda of the current administration. 

Mike Garcia is a clearly better choice. 

 Paige Weaver


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