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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Statistics show that there was a widening difference between Red and Blue excess deaths after the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccines. Excess deaths, attributable to the pandemic, tracked roughly equal for Republicans and Democrats prior to May 2021, when the vaccines were made generally available. After that period of time the Republican excess deaths began to track noticeably higher than Democrat deaths, a trend probably driven by the vaccine acceptance of those who watch Fox News, or do not. This is Darwin’s theory being tested again.

Approximately 75% of COVID deaths are for those 65 and above. Those who got two shots among that age group reached 92.6%. But only 45% of seniors have gotten two boosters. I will be making my appointment for the Omicron booster shot next week. 

The Fox News crowd is falsely crowing that there are now more deaths for those who are fully vaccinated compared to those unvaccinated. This is just another example of Fox News’ “Fair and Balanced” reporting. Fox has a decided viewership advantage over CNN and MSNBC. Now they are trying to kill off their viewers so the numbers will balance better.

Thomas Oatway


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