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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The following is a copy of a letter to the governing board of the William S. Hart Union High School District. 

Re: The Blue Line Flag matter at Saugus High School.

The recent decision by Superintendent Mike Kuhlman to curtail the honoring of local law enforcement by student athletes has set a precedent that is both vexing and ultimately divisive for our community.  

The fact that the decision was influenced by a letter from the NAACP filled with factual errors and divisive rhetoric only compounds the many problems associated with this unilateral decision. 

I believe that most of the Saugus parents supported the actions of the football team in carrying the Thin Blue Line flag. They came to the next game in support of the flag and what it stands for. They were proud of their young men whose only desire was to honor those who stand and protect. This protection was especially seen in the tragic and unfortunate on-campus shooting event at Saugus High School. To have the superintendent shut down something that the team had been doing for some time based on the politically driven reaction of those who have no students in the district was disrespectful to law enforcement and the student athletes, and extremely embarrassing for us as proud citizens of our community.  

Even a cursory examination of our Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will prove what an ethnically diverse department it is. In honoring these brave men and women the student athletes were also honoring diversity, and more than that, they were honoring unity in diversity.  

Additionally, it is embarrassing that the superintendent is in the news for denying students the right to honor public servants at a time when the data confirms that our students are way behind in their academic ability. Just this week The Signal carried the devastating news that almost 50% of our students lack proficiency in reading, writing and math. I believe we can do much better with the right leadership.  

It is our united position that you fully investigate the process whereby the decision regarding the blue line flag was made, and hold accountable, especially Superintendent Kuhlman, who acted in an irrational and unilateral manner without consulting with the teachers, board or parents. 

Hoping for results and progress.

Dr. Aakash Ahuja 

Santa Clarita

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