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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Californians sadly voted nearly two to one (67% to 33%/ per the Associated Press) in favor of Proposition 1, to amend our state’s constitution to permanently enshrine unrestricted late-term abortions — for any reason, at any time, even up to the moment of birth!

Our liberal governor, leftist-dominated Legislature and L.A. County supervisors all endorsed this tragic decision, claiming (according to the New York Times) it was needed to “protect a person’s reproductive freedom ‘in their most intimate decisions,’ including the right to abortion and contraceptives.”

In reality, this proposed amendment was unnecessary. Existing California laws on abortion provide reasonable limits for such a controversial action. Yet, they are so liberal that Gov. Gavin Newsom promotes the state as an “abortion sanctuary” and even encourages abortion-seekers from other states coming to California to receive free abortions and care at California taxpayers’ expense. 

Proposition 1 was not a law that could be scientifically reviewed later and changed by due process. Rather, it is now an amendment to our California State Constitution! It makes this outlandish action permanently part of our taxpayer burdens — obligating ever-increasing millions more dollars from you, your children and their children, in perpetuity. 

The “human rights” of children, both inside and outside the womb, matter! A consensus of “no” votes on Proposition 1 would have kept existing California law on abortion the way it is now, including the reasonable and humane prohibition of late-term abortions after “viability” (usually 24 weeks). The new constitutional amendment is purposefully vague on this issue and says nothing about “viability.” 

According to oppositional statements in California’s own Voter Information Guide, the amendment “will allow unrestricted late-term abortions… at taxpayer expense, without limitation for any reason at any time up to the moment of birth — even when the mother’s life is not in danger, even when the healthy baby could survive outside the womb.”

Our new constitutional amendment is permanently extreme, inhumane and costly. May God forgive us!

Gary Curtis


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