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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

If you are willing to ignore hate speech and get past vilifying and untrue monikers such as “communist,” “radical left,” and “liberal extremist,” one would observe that the Democrats have accomplished a number of valuable actions for the American people over the last two years.  

If your stomach is already turning at the thought of meaningful contributions by the opposition party, perhaps you might question a mindset that is unable to acknowledge that Dems have been doing well since Joe Biden took office.  

So why read on? Because information is power.  

Accepting the truth enables the empowerment of competent stewardship. It acknowledges who is making good decisions versus illuminating who is complaining but doing nothing. Not buying false and alarmist claims elicits appreciation of those whom enact meaningful accomplishments, regardless of party affiliation. 

Many Republicans would have you think the economy is tanking and that they are not cooperating with Biden’s initiatives and that Dem positions are destructive and too dangerous.  

The truth is in fact quite different.  

Since the Biden Administration came in to power, federal bills, executive directives and congressional acts have been executed by Democrats in large part with the help of Republican lawmakers. 

Despite fake outrage and wild criticism of Democratic proposals, Republicans have been actively participating and contributing to the common good by supporting many Democratic measures. Participating Republicans should be commended for caring for the American people. 

Some of these monumental bipartisan measures include: 

The PPP Extension Act, which supplanted vital lost revenues due to the pandemic and kept thousands of businesses, to include one of my firms, alive and in a position to thrive in the post-pandemic economy. Without additional PPP funding, many of the businesses we enjoy today would be closed, wiping out much of the middle entrepreneur class. 

National buying power, via the bipartisan American Rescue Plan, Cares Act, and COVID relief packages helped taxpayers pay a fraction of the cost that saved lives and provided for you and your family’s access to free vaccines, testing and health care treatment for COVID-19.    

The bipartisan Inflation Reduction Act has already begun to stem the effects of inflationary pressures, support supply chain independence, and implement significant health care and prescription drug price reductions. 

The Build Back Better Act is a massive infrastructure program repairing our deteriorating bridges and roads, ensuring an unimpeded flow of commence.  

The bipartisan Chips Act will enhance supply chain independence, kick-starting a new production sector for American workers and businesses.  

Bipartisan measures invest in renewable energy and take the long view that moves us toward reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, vulnerability to foreign oil, and combats climate change.  

In his first year in office, Biden appointed 40 federal judges, more than Donald Trump’s 18. Biden’s approved judicial nominees included 75% of whom are women, 60% whom are people of color, and Biden has fortified the judiciary with fairness and impartiality. 

Jobless claims right now are at a 52-year low.  

Social Security now implements automatic adjustments for inflation.  

Last week the Treasury Department reported the federal deficit was cut in half. 

Biden implemented a 15% minimum corporate tax on those whose profits exceed $1 billion a year. Funny how these mega-corporations paid no taxes under Trump. 

Biden re-entered the Paris Climate Agreement, rejoined the World Health Organization, and we are bolstering NATO once again, all of which were abandoned by Trump. 

The U.S. is now stopping Russian aggression, rather than Trump’s obvious placating of dictator Vladimir Putin’s every wish. 

Some complain that Biden is responsible for higher fuel prices and the inflationary spiral higher gas prices have caused. That would mean only the U.S. and not the rest of the world are experiencing inflationary pressure. 

Worldwide fuel restrictions, a manifestation of Russian gas and oil export cuts, plus OPEC’s recent decision to further reduce production, have in fact created upward spiral of fuel prices and thus inflation. 

Bloomberg News reports the U.S. inflation rate over the last few weeks has come down from 8% to 6% and will continue to drop in coming months. Meanwhile, most European nations, who right now are experiencing inflation exceeding 10%, will likely experience a 15% inflation rate in the near term.   

When taking a step back with a global view, the Biden Administration has managed to reduce the impact of higher oil prices and is effectively fighting global inflation.  

The reality is that the current Democratic administration is doing good things, albeit quietly, and with Republican cooperation. Despite Republican rhetoric, effective Democratic policies are working. Consider voting for Democrats.  

Jonathan Kraut directs a private investigations agency, is the CEO of a private security firm, is the CFO of an accredited acting conservatory, a published author, and Democratic Party activist. His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of The Signal or of other organizations. 

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