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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I would like to clarify my opinion concerning carrying the Thin Blue Line flag onto the field during our football games. First and almost foremost, I support law enforcement. I am married to a first responder, L.A. City fire captain, retired. I have supported LEOs all my life. 

I even attempted to become one back in the day (the height requirement kept me from becoming an L.A. Police Department officer). I am so happy especially with our local sheriff and California Highway Patrol. In 1987 when I worked with the newly elected City Council, we had choices to make. We needed to choose who would maintain law in the new city. We could have hired the LAPD, or a private source, or establish our own force. After much consideration we decided on the county Sheriff’s Department. The local captain would become the chief of police of the new city! 

Back then there were demands the council needed to have our new LEOs understand. Santa Clarita only wanted the best. We wouldn’t tolerate police misconduct in our town. We weeded out “bad cops” and are constantly vigilant watching for misuse of power.  

We are very lucky here, for the most part we have a really clean force. We cannot say that for all police everywhere. 

Our sheriffs and officers living in Santa Clarita are a model for all law enforcement. I support our officers. I am especially grateful for all who ran into danger that horrible November day in 2019. I have a support first responders’ flag on my car along with an American flag. I stand and salute every time I hear the national anthem (even if it is on TV, when I am alone). I am a very proud American who loves my country and respects our flag and all it stands for. YET, we can always improve. That is why we are great. 

The flag in question has a twofold meaning, but that is NOT the issue. Freedom of expression is NOT the issue. The issue is the American flag and only the American flag should be carried by football players. Anyone can wear a thin blue line shirt to a game. They can wear political buttons to the games. BUT the players must only carry the American flag. 

So, what is the harm? It could upset some people, again, that is NOT the issue. THE issue is, once we allow any other flag than the American flag, we open the door for ANY flag to be run onto the field. How bad could that be? Why not let the Boys and Girls Club flag be carried? (I support them 100%.) So, let’s say the next flag is the Young Americans for Freedom. I was a founding member of YAF on my college campus. OK, now let’s get real, how about a NAZI flag. NO. And here come the lawsuits. Millions of dollars lost. THAT is why ONLY THE AMERICAN FLAG belongs carried onto our field. 

Linda Storli 

Governing Board Member, William S. Hart Union High School District

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