Ron Perry | Democrats’ Border Denial

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is time to address the problem of illegal immigrants and the massive problems we have at the border!

Oh, but I forgot, if you are a liberal or Democrat, there is no problem at the border! Right? The border is not open. There is no drug problem at the border. There is no human smuggling at the border. There are not tens of thousands of illegals coming through at the border.

So, if none of this is true, why is the Department of Homeland Security asking the Department of Defense for volunteers to help clean up trash, clean the tents they are staying in, and run errands for the illegals?

How can you as a Democrat not see this? How do you process all of this? How can the DOD ask for volunteers for something that does not exist? How can you as Democrats support someone who denies there is a problem, but will not even go there to see if there is a problem?

Please, won’t one of you explain it to me?

Ron Perry 

Canyon Country

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