Thomas Oatway | Election Deniers at Work

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The election deniers are busy at work again, taking their cues from the King of All Election Deniers (someone who is finally going to have his tax returns provided to Congress). 

Voters must never permit anti-democratic MAGA Republicans to handle elections. They will do the job just like autocrats do in Third World countries.

In Arizona, Kari Lake is contesting her loss and blaming it partially on the long lines that she says suppressed her voters. In 2020 Kari Lake and other Republicans in state legislatures enacted laws to suppress voting because they knew if every eligible voter were to cast a ballot, the Republicans would lose.

In Arizona, two counties, deep red Republican, are vowing that they will not certify their election results, despite the fact that Republicans won a majority of votes in those voting districts. If they persist, some Republicans who won their races will have a reduced vote tally, and the Democrat will win. Now wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

As I have said before, nobody ever went broke betting against the intelligence of the American public. That goes double for Republican election deniers.

Thomas Oatway


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