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Letters to the Editor
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Millions of otherwise sane people were vexed by Donald Trump enough to vote for a corrupt, creepy, incompetent alternative who, in just one month, asked to speak to a dead woman, claimed he was raised by Puerto Ricans, had to be escorted off stage, wandered off during a hurricane briefing and claimed his son “lost his life in Iraq.”

Consider further that millions of otherwise sane people were vexed by COVID — a germ rarely fatal even to the elderly or infirmed — enough to stand on dots, trust in Plexiglas, follow arrows around stores, wear worthless homemade masks, close down schools and businesses, force an experimental drug on everyone (including immune people), close parks and beaches, fire nurses and doctors, issue vaccine “passports” for something that prevented neither infection nor transmission, borrow and spend and inflate the currency unconscionably, and then fear/hate/muzzle anyone who dared to disagree.

Next: Consider how much these two groups overlapped.

Lastly: Consider how much the senile guy in the first paragraph advocated for all of the mindless madness in the second paragraph, and how major media, tech giants, and government bureaucrats censored and advocated for both.

Rob Kerchner

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