Thomas Oatway | Jumpsuit Vision Warms His Heart

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It seems like my recent letter to the editor on the California Assembly Bill 2098 has struck a negative chord with Max Morgan (letters, Dec. 6), who has labeled me the “SCV Minister of Propaganda.” My purpose was to alert readers not to use dangerous medical treatments for COVID-19, and save them from harming themselves, while making quack doctors rich. 

Morgan also wrote that “I hate Republicans, Fox News, old white people, and Donald Trump,” which is only partially correct. I do not hate Republicans, as some of my best friends are Republicans. And I certainly do not hate “old white people,” of which I am one. As for Fox News, watch it at your own risk. 

But yes, I do detest Donald Trump. His incompetence, immorality, criminality and stupidity are evident to all but brainwashed MAGA Republicans, QAnon conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, insurrectionists, anti-semites and racists, who make up his most dedicated followers. 

Trump will soon be indicted on multiple felony charges. He will be wearing an orange jumpsuit. I will have a permanent smile on my face.

Thomas Oatway


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