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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Republican Party is assembling a team to conduct an “autopsy” of the 2022 election results, to determine how the party can win back voters who Donald Trump has lost. This group includes Kellyanne Conway, the Queen of Alternate Facts, and Blake Masters, an election denier, who performed miserably in his Arizona senate race. 

I think we can all see how this is going. And we have seen it before, after John McCain lost to Barack Obama, and the House and Senate were lost to Democrats. For those of us who enjoy seeing Republicans having to save their party by recruiting QAnon believers, white supremacists, anti-semites, flat-Earth conspiracy theorists and election deniers, this is wonderful news.

As for recruiting thoughtful, reasonable and responsible voters, this autopsy is unlikely to succeed. First, Donald Trump needs to be indicted and jailed for the Jan. 6 insurrection and the Mar-a-Lago document thefts. Next, anyone who believes that the Trump Administration handled the pandemic with competence must be given a lobotomy. Finally, if there is anyone left in the Republican Party who has had their COVID shots and boosters, they can start to rebuild a political movement that has been abandoned by the GOP. That is, one that focuses on conservative principles like small government, balanced budgets, family values, law and order, and a strong military. 

Unfortunately, there might not be enough of them to have a successful backyard barbecue.

Thomas Oatway


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