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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Recently two noteworthy items made the news.

Dr. Leana Wen is a Washington Post column author and frequent CNN guest. During much of the “pandemic” she favored people losing their jobs for not being vaccinated. She was also adamant that the non-vaccinated should be permanently quarantined. She now admits that the COVID death toll is greatly exaggerated. She makes the distinction of people who have died OF COVID and people who have died WITH COVID. 

She quotes Dr. Robin Dretler, an attending physician at Emory Decatur Hospital and former president of Georgia’s chapter of Infectious and Disease Society of America, who estimates of up to 90% of patients diagnosed with COVID are actually in the hospital for some other reason. Dr. Wen also quotes Dr. Shira Doron, an infectious disease physician, that only 30% of total hospitalizations with COVID are directly attributed to the virus. Dr. Wen talks about Dr. Doron’s experience at Tufts Medical Center that during some days the proportion of those hospitalized because of COVID were as low as 10% of the total number reported who had the virus. 

There are other doctors quoted in the link as well as some additional data for those so inclined to read about it. I and others have argued almost from the beginning that the COVID death numbers are grossly exaggerated. This was done for a number of reasons. Hospitals had a financial motivation to report deaths as COVID. Political leaders on the left also had a stake in reporting large numbers of death so they could change election law and almost certainly cause the defeat of President Donald Trump. Teachers unions used the death toll to get more money and to needlessly close schools for two years in many parts of the country. Political and health leaders across the country pushing to censor contrary information on social media is further proof. See the Twitter files for more on this. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population has no idea what I’m talking about with the Twitter files because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Nobody likes to admit they fell for a lie for three years even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Article on Dr. Wen:

The second piece of news that is noteworthy is the Centers for Disease Control admitting that the vaccine may cause elevated risk of stroke in people over 65. Anecdotally, young people have been dropping dead for no apparent reason so the news that the vaccine may not be the savior it was sold as shouldn’t be surprising. They lied when they said it would prevent infection and they lied when they said it would prevent transmission. It does neither of those things! Pharmaceutical companies are now making even more billions pushing two or three or four or more “boosters.” Article:  

My detractors will note both articles are from Fox News and they will discount the veracity of my claims because of it. My retort is that both articles ARE from Fox News but they quote several doctors and other medical experts, including from the CDC. The issue isn’t that I’m relying on Fox News. The issue is why is Fox the only one covering it? 

Almost everything we were told about COVID was a lie. Yes, it is a serious virus. Yes, it has caused many deaths. But to use that to shut down economies and schools and implement draconian health measures in the name of safety for the entire population was one of the greatest injustices in history. That lie changed an election, caused millions to lose their businesses, and cost millions of children two years of development. Hopefully one day these tyrants will be held accountable.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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