Gary Curtis | Attacks on Churches, Pro-Life Clinics

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m not Catholic. But I couldn’t help noticing that in the past two years there have reportedly been 279 attacks on Catholic churches and 79 attacks on pro-life clinics. Yet there have been ZERO federal prosecutions from the Joe Biden administration concerning these hate crimes.

Now, the new majority in the House of Representatives is launching an official investigation into the “weaponization of government agencies,” including the Department of Justice’s and FBI’s apparently partisan actions toward President Biden’s political enemies, conservative citizens and concerned parents.

Finally, the DOJ has recently announced the indictment of two pro-abortion terrorists for conspiring to attack pregnancy resource centers in Florida.

That would be a measly two indictments — after two years of hateful attacks. That means less than 1% of all related cases have resulted in federal charges! This is a tiny step toward non-partisan justice on these important issues.

However, these are indictments and not convictions. The Biden administration has been known to slow-walk religious liberty and personal freedom issues in the past. Let’s see how really serious they are. More indictments, prosecutions and convictions should follow rapidly — if they are serious.

Gary Curtis


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