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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

When I read the names of Thomas Oatway and Lois Eisneberg signed to Signal letters, it has the same effect on me as watching Jen “Circle Back” Psaki and Karine “I Don’t Lie” Jean-Pierre give press briefings. In other words, like nails on a chalkboard. I’m sure I speak for the vast majority of Signal readers when I say, “OK, you two. We get it. You hate President Trump. Say it once and be done with it.” And while I’m at it, I would like to correct you. Both of you use the term “election denier” as a feeble way of condemning anyone who questions the veracity of an election. There is no such thing as an “election denier.” Nobody denies that an election occurred. Some people just question election results and want to find out if anything illegal or unethical influenced said results. You two would call these people Fox News-watching anarchists and insurrectionists. I would call them intelligent people who like to think for themselves. 

After you remove your blood pressure monitors, consider this: Our government asks us to blindly believe everything they tell us. Their mantra is, “Trust us.” Inflation is just transitory. Trust us. President Trump colluded with the Russians. Trust us. The FBI didn’t tell social media that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Trust us. Our exit from Afghanistan was honorable. Trust us. High gas prices are caused by Putin’s war. Trust us. The 570 riots during the summer of 2020 were peaceful protests. Trust us. Our southern border is not open. Trust us. Every congressman read all 4,100 pages of the omnibus bill before voting on it. Trust us. The Jan. 6 committee wasn’t a partisan kangaroo court. Trust us. The New York Times and CNN are balanced and objective in their reporting. Trust us. America does not have a crime problem. Trust us. The 87,000 new IRS agents will not be used to harass Republican voters or red states. Trust us. 

You will have to pardon me if I don’t jump on the Government Trust Wagon. There is not room for three of us. 

Larry Moore

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