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Letters to the Editor

On President Joe Biden’s 2023 State of the Union address: 

“Our society is wealthy in terms of information but bankrupt in its morality and character” is a quote I heard recently that so succinctly describes the state of our country and the stature of the man leading our country. 

President Biden’s recent State of the Union address has been described as brooding, malevolent, pessimistic and divisive, but was nonetheless effective in helping to distract Americans’ attention from major problems like the border crisis, the president’s illegal storage of classified documents in his homes, or he and son Hunter being paid or blackmailed (or both) by the deep state and the Chinese Communist Party, or the threat posed by an increasingly belligerent Communist China — or things more nefarious. 

Remember: For Democrat politicians, there is always something deeper and more dangerous to our freedom than what we are allowed to see. Nothing is as it seems. And therein lies the real danger to our citizenry and our republic. 

The above notwithstanding, there is a growing number of discerning citizens who see clearly the precipice upon which America is standing and that are prayerfully interceding for our nation, the president, his family, his administration, and all those who are unable to see or unwilling to acknowledge the titanic spiritual struggle and moral decline that threatens to relegate America to a mere footnote in the long history of cultures that begin with great promise but then perish by their own hand. 

Ask almost anyone, and they will acknowledge that we are facing a growing political, economic and cultural storm with no relief in sight. As such, unless there is a nationwide repentance, revival and a return to our Judeo-Christian foundation, that storm will continue to intensity and will — sooner rather than later — sweep us into the pages of history as a mere cautionary tale about a once-noble, free, God-fearing nation that imploded as a result of its spiritual negligence. 

We just might, however, be able to avert a catastrophe the likes of which Americans have never known. To that end, would you join me in fervently praying for our country and its leaders in every area — from politics/government, education, the church, business, media, entertainment, sports, and finance, to the arts and science — because no person or nation, regardless of how broken and rebellious they are, is beyond God’s redemptive power, grace and compassion. 

Bill Creitz


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