Denise Lite | Consistency in Opposing Racist Terms

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Letters to the Editor
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Teenagers can be stupid. I mean, really stupid. 

Especially on social media.

I have paid attention to the latest controversy surrounding the two teen girls singing a DISGUSTING song that has gone viral.

The song was disgusting when it was recorded by London Yellow and is disgusting by anyone who sings it or records it on social media.

I don’t know these girls or have the ability to speak to what’s in their hearts, but their actions in choosing to make a video with a word that has significant racial roots in our world and that is painful for some cannot and should not be dismissed.

But what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

I saw the Santa Clarita Valley chapter of the NAACP have a press conference about the girls’ recorded video. I wondered to myself if anyone had criticized or chastised the song’s creator. 

I could not find in local papers or any online media from our local NAACP board members, or the community as a whole, about the creation of these gross, dehumanizing songs. 

Songs that use the “N” word, refer to women as “hoes” and reference other vile acts. 

Maybe the artists and songs are trying to be cool and “hip,” but they were not met with any opposition by those trying to “bury” the “N” word. Why? 

If the NAACP organization is dedicating itself, in part, to the eradication of a term that dehumanizes members of our nation, its track record is suspect locally. Or, maybe I missed it. Maybe I also missed the criticism of London Yellow’s other songs like “(N-word) Anthem,” “Big… Hentai Toes” and “Hoes Mad” as well.

I did some research on NAACP policies and I found this: “THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People shall not condone, award, or engage any person that uses the N-word in any capacity, or in any artistic endeavor that does not allude to the historical context of the word, or that does not highlight the prejudicial nature of the word.” 

A link to the official policy is here: 

I have read the various letters to The Signal and I think people are bothered that the NAACP shows no apparent consistency. 

I fully support the NAACP using their policy to call out white people who act disgusting with racist overtones. But they should ALSO conform to their own policy and call out ALL PEOPLE, including members of their own community, like London Yellow and others who do the same. Consistency is key. In the case involving the girls, the NAACP would have done well to start its press conference articulating its policies on a national and local level, explaining why the policies exist, condemning London Yellow’s music as violative of its policies, and then have something to say about these girls’ car karaoke. 

Lastly, once in a while, it would be refreshing for the NAACP and its members to also acknowledge the positive, uplifting actions that occur in our community. I mean, the board members live here for a reason — there must be SOMETHING good about Santa Clarita. Focusing solely on the negative paints an unfair picture and is disingenuous considering the race-based crime statistics in our community. 

Denise Lite

Santa Clarita

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