Denise Lite | Did Council Member Forget?

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Letters to the Editor
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At the Feb. 28 City Council meeting, there was a discussion on the Sand Canyon Plaza Development. 

Two Canyon Country residents stood to raise concerns during public comment about ridgeline alteration and the migration of wildlife (including mountain lions) due to the change in the topography/hillsides for the development.

During this City Council meeting, Councilwoman Marsha McLean asked the question, “Are they really taking down mountains?” (See City Council meeting video, Feb. 28, at 54:25.) 

Did McLean forget that she sat on the City Council in 2014 when the development was first proposed? Did she forget she voted on Sept. 12, 2017, to approve the development?

Did she forget discussions about “alterations to the ridgeline and hillside” for this development at a council meeting in 2017 (

Or worse, was she unaware of what the development would entail, including changes to the ridgeline/mountainside, when she voted on it? 

When council members start forgetting their prior votes/discussions on matters of import to the city or its residents that affect us all, like development, it’s a basis for serious concern.

Denise Lite 

 Santa Clarita

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