Mildred (Millie) Hubert | Aren’t Babies Human?

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Letters to the Editor
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Why are babies considered non-human beings? We, the people on Earth are all human beings, aren’t we? It doesn’t matter what the color of our skin is, whether we’re straight or gay, whether we’re Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, we are all human beings. 

Biologically we all had the same start: A male sperm entered a female egg; a baby human being is formed. Oh, you say, it’s a fetus, a mass of cells. Hmm, a mass of cells that contain the parents’ DNA, blue or brown eyes, short or tall, color of skin, etc. This mass was formed by human beings so doesn’t that make it a baby human being? So, why is it OK to kill a baby human by abortion? Abortion clinics can kill baby humans up to the time they are full term. World history has shown that African slaves were once considered non-human beings. They were a commodity to be bought and sold or traded. Thank God, we realize Africans and all the descendants of Africans are human beings just as we all are. The Nazis considered Jews to be non-human beings and sought to exterminate them, and the world came to their rescue. 

So, tell me, why is it OK to kill a baby, a baby human being, in or out of a woman’s womb?

Mildred (Millie) Hubert

Santa Clarita

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