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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In January, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that California faces a projected budget deficit of $22.5 billion for the coming fiscal year. The figure represented an incredible downturn from last year, when the state showed a surplus of about $100 billion due to federal COVID relief and surging capital gains.

I’m sorry, but is this really the best we can do in California? Everyone who voted for him should feel ashamed.

You were sold a bill of goods, again! You should be demanding his recall now.

Oh, but I forgot! You don’t know how to connect the dots do you? Dot… huge deficit. Dot… reparations. Dot… paying pregnant women. Dot… open southern border. Dot… cities’ crime rates climbing exponentially. Dot… businesses leaving California because of overtaxation. Dot… record homelessness. Dot…working class leaving California because of high taxes and prices. Dot… fuel prices higher than most other states. DOT, DOT, DOT… Gavin Newsom and Democratically controlled Legislature and cities.

All of this is so obvious, but why can’t you see it? Why can’t you see that this has been going on for years? Why can’t you see it is because of the way you vote?

On the other hand, the Republicans can’t even agree that Mr. Donald Trump is not the one they need for president. He is tarnished, right or wrong. It is time for Republicans to loose the MAGA and the ultra-Christian-or-nothing beliefs — separation of church and state.

Republicans, learn to compromise! Learn how to work with your own people, or disband! It is good to be conservative, but do it with moderation!

And finally, Democrats, you are supposed to be the party of love, understanding and transparency. You have lost your way on all three! 

I only hope you can find your way back. You can start by connecting the dots.

Ronald Perry

Canyon Country

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